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Where creations conjured from my head end up being dumped.



An okay fuck-ton of simple shoulder movement references (per request).

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Yato from Noragami (sketched in the corner of another piece ^^;)… Curse you for being such an adorable distraction, you jersey wearing idiot XD

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I’m pretty sure I can draw bishies in my sleep now ^^;;;
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone <3 

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Another super quick draft of the Little Mermaid for Fairytale art book. Must pay more attention to anatomy next time ^^;;; 

Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.

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Sneak peak pages of White Line’s first draft - Walking alone in Hyde Park late at night is a VERY bad idea XD 

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Recycling an old idea by building a scene around it, just playing around with light and colours XD
Mikalo is usually a very patient person but he won’t be a happy bunny when his precious little reading time is interrupted. If I ever do get the chance to make this into an illustration, I can just imagine all the great details I can add (fabric patterns, wallpaper, belt buckles, embroidery trims everywhere *u*)

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"Would that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood of the window-frame."
WIP of another illustration for the Fairytale influenced artbook, default Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow and Airbrush Soft Round in Photoshop XD

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone

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Poster idea randomness.
Whenever I have a bad art day, I resolve into doing these little sketches/speedpaints to help me recover (and not feel entirely unproductive either ^^;;;).
One of the more minor cast of Redemption but he has a bird and a pretty ethnic clan costume XD


Tip for students (and myself): Slow down.

Slow down when you study, slow down when you sketch. Block things out before trying to nail anything down, use ‘diagrams’ for proportion and perspective like in the Loomis books; You have so much knowledge in your head, but your brain can’t just…

GREAT advice!
Though I would say, from my own personal experience when sketching in order to learn and for better quality of line to develop, sometimes it’s better not to try and to get it perfect.
If you can see that you’ve got something great and you CAN finish it and that gives you motivation, then by all means take your time, go slow and be meticulous.

But if you don’t feel that way, d
on’t rub things off as much, move onto the next part of the page or a new page entirely when you can’t get it right. Start the subject fresh or move onto the next sketch subject entirely.
When you are starting to learn, it will only frustrate you when you try to fix things too much. It’s a learning sketch, mistakes are 
Don’t listen to the nagging negative voices and learn to live with the mistakes you make, put them behind you and move on. 
As long as you step back and observe, becoming aware of where you went wrong and as long as you try to apply what you did learn from the mistakes to your next attempts, you will undoubtedly improve XD

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I was moving some files around and came across this picture from around a year ago, ever since the start of season one o__O;;;
I think I had finished the background, drafted in the characters and then completely forgot about it. My plans were to have Kagami on the other side too so one day, I’ll go back and finish it XD 
[Must draw Kise and Aomine as well one day] 

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Let’s not forget the Redemption guys just cause I’m working on White Line right now XD
I had to try and draw Mikalo after all the things that I’ve learned. Mr Hamsterbrows remains difficult as usual but I think the studies are paying off ^__^ 

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Costume concept for Kian.
His signature look usually consists of comfy, practical and easy to move in clothes like combats, fitted tops/hoodies, cigarettes and unkempt hair.
The tattoo is something I still need to tackle properly but I’m already having way too much fun with this boy’s designs XD 

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The ever angry Kian, rarely seen without wounds given the amount of fights he gets into.
Trying to see how much I’ve managed to learn recently and just having fun trying to draw White Line’s main characters XD